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J&A Issued U.S. Patent Covering the Artificial Intelligence Technology of Flagship DaMi2(TM) AI Analysis Engine

Radical Evolution of Fundamental Genetic Algorithm Produces Unprecedented Analytical Power for Complex Databases.

OAKTON, Va., Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Jacobson & Associates, LLC (J&A) today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued Patent No. 7,603,325, Concurrent Two-Phase Completion Genetic Algorithm Systems and Methods. Building upon John Holland's original Artificial Intelligence architecture, the Genetic Algorithm (GA), J&A's Two-Phase Completion Genetic Algorithm (2CGA) offers unique innovations which improve performance to the order of 2,000 times that of current GA's. Claimed innovations of the 2CGA architecture include:

  • An embedded, functional dominance and abeyance architecture of n-dimensional polyploidy, improving upon the Hollstein-Holland Tri-allelic Structure (Hollstein 1971), (Goldberg and Smith 1987).
  • A markedly improved Mutation operator, delivering increased efficacy of lost genotype return to population at lower Mutation Operator ratios, and thereby higher lift without sacrificing stability when employing more aggressive Crossover Operators.
  • A system architecture which satisfies the yet unmet goals of a "Competent" GA (Goldberg 2002). Genotype classification to optimal building blocks and Phenotype optimization are performed concentrically in a single "run." Analytical resource focus automatically, proportionally transitions from Genotype to Phenotype based on optimum building block identification progress. It can adjust bi-directionally, allowing for input of dynamic source data feeds during an active, unattended analysis.

In practical application, J&A's 2CGA allows effective multi-variable analyses of 50 - 60 variables (without replacement) simultaneously on a single system, without the need for pre-processing or mini-runs to pre-select interesting variables or variable groups (data fields). Using this architecture, multiple DaMi2 instances may attack a single task and will automatically collaborate to increase detection speed or surmount higher order tasks more effectively than standard parallel processing or grid computing. Tremendous, complex statistical analysis problems may now be practicably addressed without specialized hardware and large teams of statisticians. This technology is commercially applicable to enhance precision in predictive analytics and increase speed of statistical analyses in Epidemiology, Health Risk Reduction, Insurance, Financial Performance and Investment Portfolio Optimization, Merchandizing, and Consumer Response. It is equally suited to traditionally Government/Military applications including threat assessment/detection, total information awareness, and vocal, optical, and electronic analysis.

"While the envelope for higher capacity in statistical analysis has been addressed by some brilliant breakthroughs in hardware processing speeds, we can achieve even more significant gains by infusion of sophisticated but elegant enrichment in the analytical applications themselves," says David L. Jacobson, founder and CEO of J&A. "Our focus on expanding the science of algorithm development itself, without the need for an expensive hardware footprint, allows smaller teams to attack analysis problems that were previously cost-prohibitive. Synergy of our technology with recent hardware innovations will provide exponential gains in analytical capacity."

Patent 7,603,325 is the first issued in a series of four Patents associated with J&A's unique Intellectual Property and its DaMi2 product line.

About Jacobson & Associates, LLC

Established in 2003, Virginia-based Jacobson & Associates, LLC (J&A) is an emerging leader in Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics product development and associated services. J&A offers advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to rapidly detect and identify critical information within customers' data, with extraordinary speed and precision, but at significantly lower total cost than alternative solutions. J&A focuses on the Health & Biosciences, Financial, Merchandising, and Federal Government Sectors; more specifically large-scale predictive analytics, econometric, epidemiological, medical surveillance, threat and health assessment, and mass classification.

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